the magic touch for Wordpress image galleries

What is Simplest Gallery plugin?

Simplest Gallery plugin is the simplest way to integrate WordPress’ builtin Photo Galleries into your pages with nice visual effects.

Important notice – this plugin is no more available from WP plugin store Learn Why

It does what NextGen did for older versions of WordPress: Simplest Gallery provides an extensible layer for easily switching your galleries style. Different gallery plugins use different methods to manage images so, every time you want to switch style you usually need re-create galleries with the new plugin’s method.

With Simplest Gallery, instead, you just use WordPress builtin tools, and once you want a different style for your photo gallery, you don’t need to re-create it from scratch, you just apply a new gallery style and it’s done!

This plugin offers a nice default gallery style (“FancyBox”, the one you see in this page) right after you install it, plus you can add more gallery styles later when you want.

Here you see the “with labels” style, but you get also the “without labels” style for top clean layout.

More than 3100 sites are currently using Simplest Gallery

Sites using Simplest Gallery


Just click on the images above (the have been inserted by using WordPress’ builtin gallery feature – see video tutorial). Try also scrolling with the mouse wheel while viewing full screen.

Additional see multi-gallery demo here for the “without labels” layout.


  • Fully tested up to WordPress 4.9.* .
  • It might work also from WordPress 5.0.* up to 5.6.* (Classic Editor plugin and jQuery Migrate Helper plugin need to be installed and activated too).
  • Untested and hence unsupported on WordPress 5.7 and later (sorry – learn why)


Advantages of using Simplest Gallery plugin for WordPress:

  • For end-users
    • Simplest solution ever for end-user – uses WordPress built-in gallery shortcodes
    • Supports many gallery styles (see all, others will soon follow)
    • Lightbox (default, builtin) gallery format: images will scroll even with mouse wheel rotation
    • User-selectable column sizes
    • Allows more than one gallery in a post (see demo)
    • Easy-to-use gallery style selection box in your post/page edit screen
    • Multi-language support
  • For developers
    • Easily add new gallery styles via simple addon plugins, API interface (click here for documentation)
    • Easy to implement different functionalities via WP shortcodes, passed via the API



downloadDownload from this website – Install+Activate using WordPress admin panel: Plugins -> add new -> Upload -> install + activate

Get more gallery styles

Once you have got it running, you can get extra gallery styles by these plugins. See below:



API Documentation

Want to extend this plugin by adding a new gallery style? It’s easy because it has an easy-to-use, flexible API interface



Simplest Gallery is a free plugin released under the MIT License.

Simplest Gallery includes software “Fancybox” version 1.3.4 by Janis Skarnelis – which is licensed both under GPL and MIT licenses.

Older versions based on Fancybox2 are no more distributed nor available.



No support

The author of Simplest Gallery has suspended its technical support, so there are no plans for upgrades of future releases. Sorry.  Learn Why