the magic touch for Wordpress image galleries


If you need help with Simplest Gallery plugin or one of its modules, this is the right place to look, but please be aware that support options are now limited to this page (if you’re curious then Learn Why).

Important note – please read

Recent updates of WordPress made life difficult for Simplest Gallery. WP 5 introduced Gutemberg editor which breaks the usual shortcode syntax this plugin relies on, so in order to continue using this plugin, you would need to use Classic Editor instead of Gutemberg unless some work is done to extend compatibility.

Because of lack of users support and a few (often un-motivated) very low star ratings the author of this plugin has decided not to continue development and not to share further improvements. If this plugin has stopped improving – and so you’re now with limited or no support – you can thank these people, and of course all those thousands who used this software for free, easily asked (and obtained) help, and never cared to spend a minute to post a 5-star rating, share a link, or donate a dime.


If you want to use this plugin and still need help, you might find useful below the:


Troubleshooting checklist

#1 – Have you seen the 2-minute video tutorial?

For total beginners, this is the right place to start – Use the full screen button to see clearly


#2 – Have you updated to the latest version of Simplest Gallery plugin?

Please keep this plugin up-to-date. Old versions are totlly un-supported.


#3 – jQuery issues

Please be aware that all “spicy” galleries rely on a software named jQuery. There are may versions of this software and not all of them are backward-compatible.

When activated the first time, the plugin sets itself to work with the specific jQuery version needed for the desired gallery style you are using. This means that galleries should look OK but this could interfere with the WP themes including/using an older version of jQuery.

You can always try to fix the jQuery version conflict by switching the “Compatibility” setting in the Simplest Gallery settings page to “use WP default jQuery“. Next, save these settings and check out your website now: is it working? Is the gallery working anyway? If the answer to both question is Yes, you have just fixed a jQuery issue (read on anyway).

If the gallery does not work but the rest of your website does, it is possible that the theme you are using and the gallery style you’ve chosen are incompatible. You can always try to upgrade the theme and ensure that the gallery works by using the Compatibily setting to: “Use gallery specific jQuery”.

If the gallery does not work with *any* value for the “Compatibility” setting, then the problem is elsewhere (go to point #4 below).

Please be aware that there is no quick and general way to solve jQuery conflicts: if you let Simplest Gallery to use the WP default jQuery, the website will work fine but it is possibile that the galleries cannot be displayed correctly.


#4 – HTML issues

jQuery (hence galleries) rely on HTML manipulation, so if the HTML is not properly structured the galleries may not work.

Luckily jQuery tolerates well most HTML issues (those flagged as “warnings” by HTML validators shouldn’t be a problem) but we advise you to check your page’s HTML source with an HTML validator, there are many free validators available online such as the w3c validator and a few which can run directly into your browser (google for html validator firefox or the like).

If you find errors, just fix them (this requires some skills in editing the wordpress theme in use) and then check out galleries again. If still they don’t work, go to next point.



#5 – Javascript / jQuery errors

In many cases, the galleries fail to work properly due to javascript/jquery errors. Even though fixing these errors may not be simple, it is useful to know about what is happening.

So, to detect javascript errors, just do the following:

  1. Open the page/post where the gallery is
  2. Press CTRL and SHIFT then J to open the Javascript console. On Internet Explorer press F12 and then click “Console”
  3. Switch to the page where the gallery is. Click an image and, if it does not work, switch to the Javascript console to see the errors (usually written in red)
  4. If no errors pop out, switch back to the gallery page and hit refresh. Then inspect the Javascript console for startup errors.

If everything is OK on the page, no error should pop up on the Javascript console. If errors are there, this is the key information to work upon.


#6 – Support forum

Simplest Gallery has been suspended from WP Plugin Store ( Learn Why ) so also technical support via the forum has also ceased to exist.

If you cannot solve problems by yourself it recommended that you switch to another gallery plugin.




if you’re a developer, see here about our API for creating a new gallery style addon.