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Simplest Gallery suspended from WP plugin store

on Sep 4, 2021

  • from the plugin author

on Aug 12 2021 Simplest Gallery has been suspended from WP plugin store because of a few issues not complying anymore with WP guidelines.

Apart from some minor concerns about character escaping in forms, they don’t allow including own version of jQuery into the plugin.

Unfortunately, this plugin is including a jQuery-powered lightbox gallery. I could rely uniquely on WP’s builtin jQuery but this would require a re-check and adaptation of a big amount of code that I didn’t write myself.

After thinking it over a bit, I decided I cannot afford to invest my personal spare time re-checking everything and running behind the urge of WordPress designers to upgrade everything week after week. Information technology runs fast, but our lives and personal stories may have other priorities and speeds.

Simplest Gallery is a free plugin, I wrote it for myself then shared it to make other people benefit for free. I still use it on my sites, and it works fine for me. If you still want to use it, it is still available for free download from this page.

Please remember that there are no guarantees at all, and that free support is no more available, either.

So all users are encouraged to migrate towards another gallery plugin.

I would like to thank all users who cared to leave a positive review. It meant really much to me.

Best of luck to everyone!