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Improved language support – translations needed!

on Aug 20, 2014

babelHi there,

the new version 3.3 is out with a few fixes. Thanks to users’ feedback we were able to identify and fix a few flaws which could prevent the galleries to properly display on some sites.

But the main news is probably that we have improved language support: included in the simplest gallery base package you will find a file named


sitting in the lang/ folder, with all the necessary strings inside ready to be translated.


We need translators, credit (with your name, and link URL) will be given to all contributors, so if you want to contribute:

  1. download simplest gallery
  2. try it on your own site so that you can figure out what the texts are used for
  3. rename the file simplest-gallery-en_EN.po to simplest-gallery-xx_YY.po (where xx_YY is your country’s locale code)
  4. open the file with the free software POedit and open your .po file with it. Add translations (it’s easy!)
  5. finally send the result to an specify your name and website to be linked

that’s it – thanks!