How to make it

  1. snapshot-galleryInstall + activate Simplest Gallery and Imageflow style plug-in
  2. Created a dummy page with a gallery with the pictures I want to be in homepage, then switched to text editor to get the shortcode with image IDs.
  3. Edit twentysixteen theme files with WordPress Appearence Editor, as follows:

file header.php, line 21 (inserted code in bold)

<?php endif; ?>
  if (is_front_page() && function_exists('sgif_init')) { // If HOME and ImageFlow plugin present...
  sgif_init(); // Initialize Imageflow
  sga_head('imageflow'); // Force necessary header scripts for Imageflow
 <?php wp_head(); ?>

file index.php, line 22 (inserted the following code, please remove the space before “gallery” for the shortcode to work, be sure to include your own image IDs,see step 2 above)

 if (is_front_page() && function_exists('sgif_init')) { // If ImageFlow plugin present...
 echo do_shortcode('[ gallery type="imageflow" ids="5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12"]
'); // I got these IDs from New Post : Create Gallery, just copied the shortcode in the text editor and added type="imageflow" to force gallery type