the magic touch for Wordpress image galleries


on Aug 5, 2014

New and improved version 1.1 of LightView addon style for SimplestGallery! Enjoy the responsive layout by resizing the browser window (or seeing on your mobile device): the images resize and rearrange automatically! Thanks to the nice article by Chris Coyier for responsive CSS3.   Nice huh? Get it today! Download for...

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on May 29, 2014

The new release 3.1 is out with language support for Spanish and Serbian. Thanks to Ogi Djuraskovic of for this contribution!    

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on Oct 27, 2013

Hi all, new version 2.7 is out and will run straightforward with the fresh WordPress 3.7! The support for user-chosen columns has been added (see below a demo of 6 columns) and of course the default Lightbox style will allow you to place multiple galleries per page (seeing is believing) So go update the plugin in your WP installs and please if you can help us with any of the following: Like us, G+ us, Make a Tweet or place a 5-star rating here on the official plugin page. Enjoy!   Note: This is the “without labels” format. This plugin can also display labels, see this...

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on Sep 29, 2013

Another gallery style has been added to the downloadable modules for Simplest Gallery: Imageflow!   As always, it requires the latest Simplest Gallery plugin installed to work. Free...

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on Sep 27, 2013

Courtesy of Nick Stakenbug, the plugin adding to Simplest Gallery the LightView Gallery Style is now available for download! Free Download Note: This free download is only for non-commercial...

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on Sep 18, 2013

The newly-released version 2.5 of Simplest Gallery brings you a few exciting news: The support for mutiple galleries in the same page have been improved, and also the new jQuery Cycle style can now produce multiple galleries in the same page (see demo) We have fixed a glitch preventing the plugin to work with the new jQuery 1.10.2 (thanks to Ian Byrne for this). The plugin now, when activated the first time, sets itself to work with the specific jQuery version needed for the desired gallery style. This means that it could interfere with themes including an older version of jQuery. You can always try to fix the jQuery version conflict by switching the “Compatibility” setting in the Simplest Gallery settings page. We have fixed a bug preventing the jQuery cycle style plugin to run on certain Wp installations. Enjoy this new version!...

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