the magic touch for Wordpress image galleries


on Jul 5, 2016

Want to control gallery width on your layout? This can be done by using the width parameter available on the builtin lightbox gallery starting from plugin version 4.3. So manually edit the shortcode from, like:   [ gallery ids="364,363,362" ]   to   [ gallery ids="364,363,362" width="50%" ]   and get:...

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on Apr 20, 2016

We are very pleased to announce version 4.0 of Simplest Gallery plugin. This release brings some interesting news both for users and for theme developers. The new version code has been refactored, so the main plugin file is lighter and faster than ever, and the code is simpler to understand. The code for the default lightbox gallery has been moved into a separate lightbox.php file, which can be used as a basis to develop new gallery style plugin according to our API specification. See API page for more information (theme and plugin developers) This new version uses the WordPress builtin functions to parse shortcodes, and does not perform internal pattern-matching anymore to spot and render gallery shortcodes. This means more reliability and robustness, but also you can now easily integrate galleries anywhere in your own theme, by simply adding a few lines of PHP code and using the do_shortcode() function. See these two demo sites for how to include an Imageflow Gallery and a simple jQuery Cycle Slider in the homepage beneath the ordinary blog entries. This has been done with a 5-minute edit of the standard, twenty-sixteen theme. See the “How to make it” pages in the demo sites for directions. Easy! Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.5 Please note: this new version is not guaranteed to work on all sites and may not work for old WP versions. If it’s your case, you will easily restore normal operation by reverting back to the old 3.6 version....

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on Oct 8, 2014

We have have just discovered that great sites are using Simplest Gallery to marvel their users.   See the report on BuiltWith >>   If you didn’t yet, start today using this great plugin for image galleries and never get stuck with your images....

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on Sep 23, 2014

A new addon style plugin has been added to Simplest Gallery’s family. Enjoy the stylish and robust FancyBox 2: you can apply this gallery style to all your images galleries in a couple of clicks!    the gallery is responsive (try to stretch this browser window) allows multiple galleries to be inserted in the same page/post Please note that this plugin includes FancyBox 2 software, which is provided free of charge for personal and no-profit sites, but for business sites a fee is required (see FancyBox 2 site for licensing info)   Download this great plugin for free today! Download for free    ...

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on Sep 5, 2014

The new WordPress 4.0 has been launched yesterday and we have updated our Simplest Gallery plugin for use on the new platform. The current plugin version 3.4 is available from the WP plugin repository: There is a fix for avoiding double insertion of the jquery migrate plugin, and we have updated the translations file for Serbian.   Users upgrading an existing installation might see a message in the update screen, which doesn’t affect the update: everything will continue to work as normal.   Enjoy WordPress 4.0 with Simplest...

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on Aug 20, 2014

Hi there, the new version 3.3 is out with a few fixes. Thanks to users’ feedback we were able to identify and fix a few flaws which could prevent the galleries to properly display on some sites. But the main news is probably that we have improved language support: included in the simplest gallery base package you will find a file named simplest-gallery-en_EN.po sitting in the lang/ folder, with all the necessary strings inside ready to be translated.   We need translators, credit (with your name, and link URL) will be given to all contributors, so if you want to contribute: download simplest gallery try it on your own site so that you can figure out what the texts are used for rename the file simplest-gallery-en_EN.po to simplest-gallery-xx_YY.po (where xx_YY is your country’s locale code) open the file with the free software POedit and open your .po file with it. Add translations (it’s easy!) finally send the result to [email protected] an specify your name and website to be linked that’s it –...

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