the magic touch for Wordpress image galleries

WidgetKit Slideshow Responsive plugin

Users of WidgetKit and WidgetKit Lite plugin for WordPress will be happy to know that they can instantly render any of their WordPress galleries with the WidgetKit style addon, simply by using this plugin.

WidgetKit uses its own file storing method for slide images, but with this little “bridge” plugin lets you use it with standard WordPress galleries you might already have on your website.

The final effect will be the following (Responsive layout)

  • This is a nature photo

  • This is a yellow rose

  • This is a blue flower

In order to achieve this effect you need:

  1. WidgetKit or WidgetKit Lite plugin (download from this page)
  2. Simplest Gallery (a must-have for all WordPress users)
  3. This addon style plugin, download for free at the bottom of this page



This plugin is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license, free to use only for personal or non-profit website projects.

Use on commercial sites is allowed under payment of a small fee (5 $) contact us for details.



[Click here to download the plugin]
Please note that it requires the main Simplest Gallery plugin installed and activated to work.