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Imageflow Gallery Style plugin

This page demonstrates the output of the “Imageflow” module for Simplest Gallery.


Version 1.2 supports custom color reflection. This shortcode parameters:

  • color: hexadecimal color code to be used for reflections
[ gallery type="imageflow" color="ffaabb" ids="1,2,3"]

will enable the reflection on a pinkish colour (notice color=”ffaabb” part)



Inclusion via PHP code

Include this gallery in any point of your site or theme by using PHP code. Look at this demo site. (See How to make it page)



This plugin is available as free software with the pay-with-a-like formula (you Like/gPlus/tweet this page and you get the software for free). Get it from the cyan box below.

Version 1.3 available (updated Jan/08/2019)

Download the software here, immediately after Liking/Plusing/Tweeting